Episode 12- Goals

Episode 12- Goals

Welcome back to Hasta la Pasta!

Today, I’m talking about goals, my goals, and things that are important to goal setting. I am also starting a new thing where I give journal prompts in each episode. Most of these will not be episode specific, I just make up journal prompts because my hope is that you can find a joy in journaling, or a joy in writing. As I’ve talked about on the blog and on the podcast, I want to share my story and I want to hear yours too! Sharing stories can change the world. 🙂

Episode Ten- Holidays (with the husband!)

Episode Ten- Holidays

Welcome back to another episode of Hasta la Pasta!

Today, I’m bringing my husband onto the show to talk about holidays and how ours has evolved over almost ten years worth of holidays together. We talk about how holidays used to look, what we’re trying to navigate with our families and how we’re trying to identify our own family traditions within our family.

Episode Nine: Chat with Brittany!

Episode Nine: Chat with Brittany

Welcome to another episode of Hasta la Pasta!

In this week’s episode, I sat down with my best friend, Brittany and had a good talk about writing! I also made her talk about her books and what she loves about writing.

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Episode Eight- Being Picky About Friends

Episode Eight: Being Picky About Friends

Welcome back to another episode of Hasta la Pasta! Today I am talking about healthy vs unhealthy friendships and why we need to be intentional in picking who is in our inner circle or village.

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