Adios 2019 (& the decade!)

The fact that 2019 is ending in less than 24 hours is mind boggling to me. The fact that I am saying goodbye to another decade is even crazier to me. I definitely didn’t feel this way when 2009 was ending and I graduated high school that year. It SHOULD have felt like this. Right? 

As I close the door on another year, I always like to look back and see what has changed in the past 12 months. It is nice to reflect and enjoy whatever the year has brought, whether it be good or bad. 

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2020 Goals & Goal Setting

It’s that time of year where everybody is talking about goals and resolutions. Then, there are a lot of people who tell you not to set resolutions and set goals instead because goals are more likely to be accomplished. It can be a really confusing time of year. Especially for me because I’m task minded and I think about all the things I want to do and accomplish in the next 12 months.

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Currently December

General- It’s December so obviously we are (still) in Christmas mode! We still have a few presents to finish up and I have one final shopping trip that I get to do solo to to pick out Hubby’s gift. Technically, we have two shopping trips because we are taking my brother out shopping sometime this weekend but that is for him to pick out stuff, not us for other people so I don’t really count it. We are getting ready for our Christmas party! (whoo hooo!) And all the other things we will be doing that are Christmas-y. This weekend is going to be pretty epic, and I’m excited. Does anybody say epic anymore? Is that still a thing? Oh well. 

Reading– I finished Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen M. McManus. This book you guys, THIS BOOK. I’m going to have to do a full review on this book because if I start talking about it now, I’m just going to ramble on for days. I’m currently reading Where’d You Go Bernadette? By Maria Sample, it’s for book club. YOU GUYS I HAVE A BOOK CLUB. This is the best thing to come out of 2019. Okay, top five. I’m also technically still reading Bookish Boyfriends but I’ll probably put it on hold until I finish the book for book club. My goal is to finish it by the end of the year. I am so close to my goal of 40 books this year. 

Listening– Still Christmas music. All the time, everywhere. Seriously, I haven’t stopped. When I write I am listening to worship music. However, I’m discovering that it is easier for me to focus when I have music on instead of the TV in the background. Send me your favorite songs! 

*the next section might contain spoilers

Watching– OH MY GOSH THE MASKED SINGER! I wanted Fox to win and I’m so glad he did! I figured out it was Wayne Brady when he sang “Blame It”. I heard the Wayne Brady I grew up hearing sing on Whose Line is it Anyway? Hubby figured out the Rottweiler was Chris Daughtry when he finally sat down and watched an episode. While he was singing his song for the finale, I could literally hear Daughtry songs playing through my head. I wonder if the panel has ever heard Darren Criss sing because his voice sounds NOTHING like Daughtry’s and therefore sounded nothing like the Rottweiler’s. It is still a good show. I’m excited for season three! I’ve also been watching a lot of Danny Phantom and Gray’s Anatomy and Friends. Just re-watching the good stuff. 

Writing– After I stopped doing NaNo because I knew I wouldn’t catch up and I didn’t want to stress myself out and hate writing, I set a goal for myself to get to 15,000 words by the end of December. Well, I met that goal yesterday! WHOO HOO! I am also about to start writing a Christmas poem and I’m kinda excited to try out this new type of writing. Me + poetry doesn’t always mix but Christmas poems are different so maybe this will be awesome. I have a solid and cute idea! 

This month is basically about enjoying Christmas and time with my family. I’ve been posting a lot more about what we are doing this season already so I feel like you guys already know what is going on. I’ll also be posting about the rest of the things we do this month and how we did presents this year sometime in January!

Merry Christmas! I hope your holiday is blessed and merry! 

Easy Date Nights

During our first few years of marriage, before Little Man was even an idea or a concept, we took a class called Love & Respect which was videos and the book Love & Respect by Emerson Eggerich. This class should be part of pre-marital counseling, if you ask me. This class opened my eyes to see marriage in a different light. Plus, it solved half my problems before they actually became a problem. One of the important things this class stressed was daily time with your spouse, that was just you two. Time that the kid (or kids) knew not to bother you and they did something else for those fifteen minutes or whatever. It was called couch time. My hubby and I are kinda awful at couch time. We spend a lot of time together doing similar activities and doing the shoulder to shoulder thing Eggerich talks about. But, one thing we latched onto, eventually, was date night.

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Procrastination & Decisions

I probably shouldn’t state this so matter-of-factly, but I’m a procrastinator. An old English teacher I had used to remind us to flip the perception. Take the things that would be considered bad or negative and flip it into something positive. You’re not a procrastinator, you’re great with deadlines. I’m sticking with that. I’m fantastic with deadlines. Deadlines have nothing on me (as long as I’m not the one setting the deadline. I evidently have no problem disappointing myself).

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