General- Our house is completely restored! Our floors are completely done after spending most of the month being out of the house in order to let the guy work in peace. My living room, kitchen and dining room all look fabulous and I’m just all heart-eyes over it. 

We are still adjusting to our changing schedule. I think for this month, we’ve had two different schedule changes. With hubby’s new job I’m really learning to put the theology of “go with the flow” into action. Every week has something different with hubby’s job so his schedule is always changing. 

I’ve also been working on a lot of behind the scenes of Writing Out Loud and planning some really cool stuff that will be coming up soon so keep your eyes peeled for information! You might have already noticed some changes, the website has a new look, for example! 

Reading– I re-read the entire Goddess Test series in like two days. I just really love these books guys. I’m still technically reading Bookish Boyfriends but I haven’t picked it up. I’ve been reading a lot of articles online and tweets. I’ve read a LOT of tweets. I’m actually reading a story that is on Twitter an a choose your own path style. It is amazing, follow Susan Dennard if you are interested. You can find the thread and get caught up on the past five months of story building and how we already lost two lives.

Listening– I stopped listening to The Elite and just allowed it to be returned to my library. I need to find good audiobooks. What do you like? Send me recommendations! I’ve spent the month listening to podcasts. I really enjoy Live Free Creative The Podcast by Miranda Anderson, The Purpose Show with Allie Casazza, She Podcast with Jordan Lee Dooley and Business Boutique with Christy Wright. Do you have any favorite podcasts? Send them my way! 

As for music, I’ve been bumping all my christian jams on my playlists and a lot of christian radio. When I need some get hype music, I’ve turned to the “Pop Culture” playlist on Amazon. 

Watching– Still hooked on Younger. We are currently in the 6th season which will catch me up until the next season drops! Ahh! I’ve actually stuck with a show! Whoo hoo! We’re also enjoying the Masked Singer (the Fox is my favorite, my son like the butterfly), Gray’s Anatomy (seriously, how long does Bailey get to be bitter?) I’m still hooked on Single Parents but I’m the only one in my family that feels that way. 

Writing-NaNoWriMo prep! I have most of an outline done and I’ve scheduled my writing times. I am planning on going to some write-ins in my area and I am getting HYPED for writing the first draft of my book and getting started! I finished my script for my screenwriting class and I really enjoyed the process of scriptwriting and I’m probably going to turn some of my story ideas into scripts because I have most of the scenes but I don’t have the bridging that is needed in novels and in screenwriting, bridging isn’t needed. 

Other– So much has been going on with my life that I have no idea what to put here, haha! I’ve been working on crafting some stuff so that has been fun, I enjoy my projects! I don’t think I have any other right now. Just enjoying the moments and trying to go with the flow! 

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